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There are many benefits of volunteering in the community during summer break, such as helping others, meeting new people, and keeping busy. It also gives you the chance to gain experience and build your resume for the future. The following guide features several ideas for volunteering in your community this summer.

Homeless Shelter

One of the best ways to volunteer your time is to help those in need, and homeless shelters can always use volunteers to keep things running smoothly. You can volunteer by cooking food, cleaning common areas, or entertaining children. By volunteering in a homeless shelter, you are doing your part to help someone get back on their feet.

Summer Camp

Volunteering at a summer camp allows you to help out while still having fun. You have the opportunity to help children grow through activities such as crafts, games, and sports. The tasks also include providing meals, building campfires, and monitoring campers. If you are looking to work with children, this is a great way to gain experience.

Nursing Homes

You can also volunteer in the community by visiting the residents of your local nursing home, especially if they do not have company often. Your visit may consist of playing a card game, reading a book, or just sharing stories. A little company goes a long way in keeping their spirits up, and you may even form a bond with some residents.

Animal Shelter

Animal shelters need volunteers to give the pets extra love and cuddles as they wait for their forever home. The attention lifts their spirits while boosting their social skills, which makes it easier for them to be adopted. You can also help with meals, grooming, and cleaning.

Donation Event

Another idea is to organize a fundraiser or donation event for a local organization. You may want to collect canned goods for food banks, essentials for homeless shelters, or supplies for animal shelters. The organization you are helping is sure to appreciate the extra items.

When you take the time to volunteer in the community, you are helping others while gaining experience and growing as a person.

Summer break is just around the corner, and it is never too late to check out the volunteer opportunities in your neighborhood.