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With the world continuing to experience more and more concerning issues regarding economics, environment, and general well-being of people– it has become extremely important for communities to become more involved. Help goes a long way, and it makes a world of difference when communities join forces together and get things done. We have seen how important it is for this concept to be put into action with the violent spread of Covid19. We cannot do everything on our own, and when one person takes the initiative to help out, it inspires a chain pattern for other people to follow. Below we will take a deeper look into a few reasons why community engagement is essential, as featured in an article on Bang The Table.

It helps to build and maintain communities that are cohesive.

Community engagement provides opportunities for communities to come together and work together to accomplish common goals. They can create or modify local policies, enhance service provisions that are beneficial towards everyday lives, and help shape the future of their own community. Once people realize that the future could be in their hands, it will help to encourage them to get out and put action into what they want to see. Groups and large numbers of people tend to be very influential, as we have seen in a global historical context. 

Increased engagement leads to improved outcomes.

Praying and wishing for change to happen does not spark it to get done. Getting involved in the process is what pushes for change. Government officials and other decision-making entities look for feedback and concerns from their community, especially those who share the same aspirations and values. In contrast, community members have the opportunity to help change the minds of decision-makers who have conflicting opinions; they simply have to use dedication and thoughtful engagement to do so. When communities establish relationships with decision-makers that develop into strong, long-lasting partnerships, communities gain more control and ownership and can inspire more change.

Engagement within the community helps encourage local governments to promote sustainable solutions.

Communities who hold their government officials accountable increase the efficiency and transparency of their decision-making. Governments will feel the need to keep their communities’ needs in mind throughout their entire governing process if they want to keep their positions. More inclusive, effective solutions will come from trusting relationships being established between communities and their governments.